Here are simulation-related videos; Introduction for our products, simulation examples and our user’s cases. You can watch them all completely for free and will be required just a registration from the application form.

Product Introduction

Particleworks Overview

This video introduces basic knowledge about MPS and features and functions of Particleworks referring to several cases.​

Particleworks Analysis Examples

This video contains various simulation examples using Particleworks such as;
Tableware cleaning / High-pressure washer / Stirring high-viscosity fluid.

Simulation Examples

Application to Gear Oil Lubrication

This video shows an oil lubrication case. You will see how you can value oil behavior in the gearbox under various conditions, with Particleworks.

Rainfall simulation of
Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

Particleworks shows its capability of simulating raindrop behavior around the conditioning outdoor unit to improve the waterproof design.

Application to rubber kneader

This seminar introduces an application example of the rubber kneader, which is required to be mixed uniformly in a short time.

Design of Air Conditioning Waterproofing for Automobiles and Application to Performance Evaluation

This video shows how can you use Particleworks for the design and evaluation phase in developing the automobile air-conditioning system.

User’s Cases

Ducati Motor Holding

Estimation of cycle average convective heat transfer coefficient on the underside of a racing piston for different layouts of oil jets.


Thermal Simulation of an Oil-Cooled E-Motor​

Comer Industries S.p.A

Oil flow rate optimization of an axle with an integrated input planetary stage for an uphill and downhill path


Particleworks MPS method validation for oil piston cooling jets in a high-performance engine application