Warning Notice regarding Unauthorized Copy of Our Software and Similar Acts

1. Prohibition of Unauthorized Copy of the Software

Any software service (the “Software”) provided by Prometech Software, Inc. (the “Company”) is copyrighted work protected under the Copyright Act, and reproduction of the Software and similar acts without the relevant copyright holder’s approval (collectively, the “Unauthorized Copy”) is a violation of the Copyright Act and also be subject to criminal penalties.

The “Software License Terms” provided by the Company prohibits the reproduction of the Software and similar acts beyond the extent required for back up or preservation necessary to use the Software.

​Please do not use the Software in any wrongful manner such as the Unauthorized Copy, and please use the Software under a proper license granted by the Company.

2. Acts regarded as Unauthorized Copy

The following acts are considered as Unauthorized Copy:

  • Downloading or installing the Software without the Company’s approval (including the act of downloading the Software knowing that the Software is uploaded illegally);
  • Reproducing the Software to share it with a third party or selling or distributing the Software to a third party;
  • Installing the Software on a device other than the device designated by the Company, or exceeding the number of installations approved by the Company;
  • producing a pirate edition or counterfeit edition of the Software; and
  • sharing the Software with a third party by using P2P software, online storage services or the like.

The following acts are also prohibited and considered as wrongful use:

  • Sharing license codes of the Software;
  • Any act enabling a third party to use the Software without the Company’s approval, including, uploading software codes or activation keys to websites, and sharing user ID’s and passwords for web-based software applications;
  • Using the Software in any manner violating the range of, method of or limitation on usage, or other conditions for usage approved by the company.

3. Risks associated with the Unauthorized Copy

The following risks are associated with the Unauthorized Copy.​

(1) Pursuit of Civil Liability
Liability to damage compensation based on torts against the Company will arise.

(2) Pursuit of Criminal Liability
The usage or distribution of the Unauthorized Copy will be subject to criminal liability, including penal servitude up to 10 years or fines up to ten million yen (in case of a corporation, fines up to three hundred million yen.). 

(3) Security Risks
Unauthorized downloading of the Software or similar acts, may cause security problems including infection of malware, ransomware, spyware or viruses to yourself, your customers or other related persons.

(4) Reputational Risks
Consequences when the usage or distribution of the Unauthorized Copy by a person is discovered, include a serious impact on the social credibility of the person, the management, the employees’ moral and the like.​

4. Reporting related to the Unauthorized Copy

Please report any discovery of the Unauthorized Copy or other wrongful acts related to the Software via the e-mail address stated below. The Company will take your report seriously and investigate with the necessary urgency.


The Company will not provide a third party with any information regarding the aforementioned reporter unless the Company is required by laws, regulation, etc.​

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Prometech Software, Inc.